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Lift Your Burden

Resentment and hatred over real or perceived injustices in our lives are burdens we put upon ourselves:

  • It begins with fear which causes us to react defensively
  • We ruminate over things past and let it ruin our present and future
  • It is unresolved within us
  • We spin our wheels until we are stuck in a hole of our own making
  • We stay stuck with the need to win
  • Winning is an illusion of security

Chuang Tzu expressed it well when he pointed out that an archer’s skill suffers from nervousness to win a prize, forming a divided mind with the need to win (xix.4). This duality, this lack of pure intent to do well for the skill’s sake, drains the archer of power. We fret over past slipups, lost opportunity, of weakened nerve. The harder we try to save our lives, the speedier we lose them.

The key is to bring forth pure intent from the heart. Any intent that is not pure feeds corrupted energy to the act and saps the energy source from within, frustrating the act and holds you back in life. You experience it as a weight, a burden, a lack of focus and purpose which would have been able to uplift you. Without a vision the people perish.

What is your intent? Remember, those who live by the sword die by the sword. Or as The Secret would have it, we attract what we get.

When you are pressed down,  remember it is to your advantage. Utilize hope to realize you are being shaped into a precious diamond as you allow the stresses to shape you. Each enemy is an opportunity to show your quality as you decide to love your enemy. Declare good things in prayer for those who offend and hurt you. Use hope to advantage to take this leap out of yourself.

We know that certain particles go through solid mass. Let offences go through you, leaving you clean and untouched. The beauty of this is that you are not playing their chess game but playing your own game staying the course, the path, the way that is set before you. You are not being sidetracked –no matter what is thrown at you each day.

Comfort washes through you as the reactive burden is lifted.  As you let go of grasping at life you discover you had it all along and you can enjoy it to real effect. Rise above the pack and lead your life with loving attention. Welcome the health of your countenance. It is there for you to embrace.

Janet A Wiebe
Make Money & Improve Health


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